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Point of sale "HOUSE OF CREAM"
34, Resavska str.
11000 Belgrade, Stari grad

Registration number: 20924802
VATIN: 108059334
Registry date: May 5th, 2013

Contact phones:
Landline: +381 11 3625094
Mobile: +381 69 3625094

Working hours:
10-20 on work days,
10-16 on Saturdays


TOP CREAM TM started operating in May 2013. It is oriented towards producing and selling chocolate and milk creams based on the original recipes enriched by the French tradition of fine tastes.

TOP CREAM TM contains only natural ingredients: cocoa powder, sugar, vegetable fat, non-fat milk powder, nuts (hazelnut, almond, walnut, peanut, etc.) as well as natural additives such as orange peel in powder, mint, etc. The newest variation of the TOP CREAM TM is lenten cream which is lactose free.

TOP CREAM TM can be used at home or in the restaurants and catering industry in various ways, such as topping for the bread, filling for the pancakes, doughnuts, waffles, pastry and cakes, topping for the icecream or the frozen yogurt, fruit salads (and it is light and tasty enough to be edible alone, with a spoon!), etc.

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In the chocolate-milk product market, in times of stress and anxiety, our new TOP CREAM TM, with it's unique flavours, produces satisfaction and happiness to all our customers, from the youngest ones to the oldest ones, transforming almost all of them into regular customers of the "House of Cream".

TOP CREAM TM contains elements necessary for the organism since it is produced on the basis of cocoa: it is well known that the chocolate stimulates endorphin (enzyme for pleasure), that the cocoa seed contains vitamin E and antioxidants (that clean the cells up from various poisons), that cocoa contains phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium. TOP CREAM TM is enriched by nuts which also contain a high percentage of useful content and give the cream a natural taste and smell.

TOP CREAM TM is well adjusted to the taste and financial possibilities of our consumers. Hence we listen the wishes and reactions of our consumers and all friends of the house and strive towards adjusting to them.

TOP CREAM TM has also a goal to bring the magic of the chocolate pastry French cuisine closer to our consumer market. Ideas for the TOP CREAM TM's original recipes are derived from the rich gastronomic repertory of French creams.

Besides the official name "HOUSE OF CREAM", our house also has the French name "La Maison des crèmes" and our product TOP CRÈME TM. Our consumers that know or wish to learn the French language and the gastronomic part of the French cultural repertory, have the possibility to read both in Serbian and in French all the labels, posters, certain chocolate recipes, prices.

Our experience so far confirms the mission of our product: every consumer that tasted TOP CREAM TM in our newly opened "HOUSE OF CREAM", was satisfied in many ways: Varijanta desert


The vision for our "HOUSE OF CREAM" is based on the following project:


It was brought to France by the Spanish conquistadors in 1615, in time for wedding of king Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. Preparation of chocolate in all forms enters the culinary palette in Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV which popularizes it's consumption on the court. Louis XV is thought to be the biggest fan of this drink based on cocoa.

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Recipe of Louis XV, carried through centuries

Put into the pot the same amount of chocolate bars and glasses of water and leave the mass to boil for a little while on low heat; before serving the chocolate add one yolk on every four glasses of water and whisk using a wooden spoon on very low heat so that it boils no more. If prepared a day before, the drink gets even better. Those that drink it every day should leave a little bit of startup for the next day.

Scrambled white could be used instead of yolk after the foam is removed.